Thursday 19 August 2010

I was featured!

I was featured on Think and Grow Chick's site, as a part of her special 'She's Living Her Dream' feature! I've been stalking following her site for a while, so I'm very excited about it!

Go read it here!

*Runs around screaming in excitement until someone shoves a slice of cake in her mouth*


  1. Hi!

    Now, I stumbled across your blog in a series of random events (or not so random, because I'm a notorious stumbler), and I'm kinda glad I did.

    Now, I read your feature at ThinkAndGrowChick, and I really liked it. Positive stuff :) So when I saw you mention your dream university.. I was like, no way! But.. yes way.. Your dream uni is the one I'm going to in a few short weeks.

    Co-in-ki-dink? Maybe, but cool nonetheless.

  2. @ Nikki: I am also an avid stumbler. I find it's more fun that way :)
    I read on your tumbler you're starting your Masters there - I'm so excited to meet you! I'll probably bump into you, drooling over your hair or something (the uni isn't well known for it's diversity.....and I know of a couple of other naturals, but that's it! :( )
    So yes. I'll be the dork in the library with purple hair surreptitiously trying to read the latest Naruto/Bleach chapter online :)


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