Friday 2 June 2017

Beauty Shop Bloc

I have started a new habit of popping into my local beauty shop, just to see what they've got - one of the things that helps bump a product up on my 'more likely to repurchase' list is whether I can grab it and go on the ground.

When I went in a year ago and saw Shea Moisture, I was impressed. 

Then Mielle Organics popped up last month (totally took advantage, I 'on currr). 

I stuck my head in last week and now it looks like this:
Mielle Organics in the UK/A British afro hair shop

Alikay Naturals in the UK/A British afro hair shop

TGIN products in the UK/ A British Afro Hair Shop

We got TGIN! We got Alikay Nautrals! We got Mielle Organics and Design Essentials all over the place!

They had to add an extra slab of shelves for all the extra products they've been buying in...!

My main question is - who is telling them this?! 

Are the beauty shops lurking on the Nappturality or Long Hair Forum?
Are they following Mane Objective and NeffyFroFro on instagram and youtibe? 

How do they know?

I imagine it to be quite like a covert organisation. Robes that cover your face in shadow are optional but greatly admired.

Ahmed and Ranjit are comparing their favourite deep conditioners in the light of a flickering candle.

There is an impromptu workshop on the difference between creams, puddings and souffl├ęs happening in the atrium, when you hear an impassioned cry:

"Dude! Have you felt this leave in? Light as a feather mate, light. as. a. feather. We are NOT leaving until we get two boxes of this, as well as the rest of the range."

I'll be honest - if it means that I get Eden Bodyworks and/or ManeObjective and/or Camille Rose on the ground, then I'm totally cool with this. But I'd loooooove to see local brands like Almocado and Shea Decadence being this easily available awesome would that be?

Till then, the internet continues to be my friend.

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