Monday 1 August 2016

Protective style - Summer Hat edition

In my household, we have a saying*:

Sun's out, runs out.  

Gotta get some Vitamin D, because Lord knows how seriously deficient we all are on this lovely soggy island. Hair can wait, amirite?

* I may be the only person saying it, but it's a saying that's said. In my household. So it counts.

I am so summer ready and it's largely due to my hat.

To me, it is awesome. Maybe the most awesome in the world. For three simple reasons!

1. It fits.
My proportional head + my big hair = me scoffing furiously at the 'one size only' hats on the high street.
If my hair is in twists, it sits easily on the top. If it's out in a twist out or it's windy, I have to use the strap to stop it flying off like the build up of a dramatic film.
I love the fact that it even has a strap though. It fully covers the top of my head, keeping the sun and heat off my hair and the top half of my face, depending on the sun's position.

2. Es grande.

LOOK HOW BIG IT IS! Despite being an introvert, I have a big love for dramatic looking attire. 
I mean, I would happily wear a cape to work if it wouldn't stuck in everything and everywhere.
 The hat is so dramatic looking, and the brim is adjustable, which just means I fidget with it all the time making myself look sunny, then dramatic, then wobbly. 
I have no shame.
 I have no desire to gussy it up with ribbons or bows or sequins (yet) and adore most ardently the fact that it's main striking features are it's colour and size (like myself, really),
Every time I wear it, I get comments - some more welcome than others - and looks. 
It also makes me instantly recognisable from a distance but if the weather wants to be in the 30s for more than 3 days in a row, you bet I'ma wear this hat to keep the sun out of my eyes, gawpers be damned.
If I had to make a showstopper cake for the Great British Bake Off, it would possibly (definitely) be in the shape of this hat.

3. It was only £6.49 - including delivery. 
I've been looking for a summer hat for about 10 months now (hey, I like to be prepared in advance sometimes, okay?) and specialist 'big hat' people sometimes have huge prices. I was even researching milliner prices, in the 100s of pounds yo, for if my hat desire got too strong and I NEEDED one stat. I know that H&M do a hat that might fit for £7.99 but I could never find it in stores to try and the brim looked too small (8cm?!). The only other option was a wool hat, and that is no bueno for summer.

I got this hat off eBay. From a UK stockist. It arrived 3 days after I ordered it and I didn't even have to leave the house. 

Big. Win.

Didn't you know awkward turtles can fly now?

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