Friday 7 December 2012

Your Shortlist

A peek at my to-do list. You're welcome!
Wrinkled clothes for  the win!
It was only last year really, on my search for more British (hair) bloggers (mainly for product accessibility) I discovered that I was part of an international community.

A group of my friends and I were eating in a restaurant. I piped up to ask a question about the hair of one of the ladies - I was pretty sure that when I'd first met her, her hair was curly, but for the past few weeks, her hair had been straight.

I simply asked her whether she'd used a blow dryer on her hair. She said she had, which elicited a noise of surprise from one of the other ladies and another question:

"So, is it actually your hair?"
The first lady nodded, bemused "Yeah, it's mine. I get annoyed when it's curly, it tangles too much and I hate combing it so I just straightened it (I think the word she used was 'glissant')."

 Hair-wise, we were a motley crew - straightened natural, chemically untouched wearing a weave, relaxed, natural in the cutest and roundest afro, braid extensions, me. It was kind of nice that we were all different.

We chatted some more about it, more questions were asked:

Braids: I know you're Brazilian, so is your hair yours?
Under Weave: I'm Brazilian and so is my hair! *laughs*

Me: People do hair tutorials on Youtube -
Everyone else: - Hair?! On Youtube? Really?

They found the idea of it so very bizarre.
 I admit, when I first started, I never really considered looking on Youtube, only ever in forums. Fortunately, someone sent me a link and it was upwards from there!

I ended up scrawling some notes on the back of our food receipt for the cutest afro, of some people she might want to Google for style ideas. I know she could probably understand what they were saying, but for me, hair is a leisure activity and sometimes you just can't be bothered to go and look up what they say, because it's too darn hard and it simply shouldn't be.
She doesn't speak a load of English and she loses track when it's spoken to fast, so I tried to think of people who used a lot of pictures and words on their screen, demonstrated what they were saying with actions, didn't have videos with too much superfluous chat and whose names I could remember how to spell.

My list was woefully short and, in hindsight, maybe more inspirational than practical:

Which makes me wonder what other people would have chosen - 
who would have made it onto your shortlist?  


  1. I used to watch more Youtube tutorials, but then I had to pull away because I would get heartbroken when the hair icons would show so much more growth in less time than me, etc. But I still love to watch them on occassion:

    NikkiMae (Natural Chica)

    1. My heartbreak/jealousy also flares up something awful when I compare our progress in two years. People talk about accepting hair texture etc but I think accepting your hair's traits may be more accurate - whether it's the fact it breaks more, or frizzes easier!
      Hmm, haven't heard of Modhutch before....*goes to google her*


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