Friday 2 November 2012

Simple Hair Thoughts

I tried a pin up bob with my mini twists.
 It looks awful in real life but I like how it looks in the picture. Typical.
I cover my face but not my shame.
- Wouldn't it be funny if all the good stuff from my supplements was going mainly to my nails, instead of my skin and hair?

- Thinking about where you could be isn't going to get me there any faster.

- Having a real to the ground plan, as well as more specific and attainable goals makes me feel a lot better.

- One of the main reasons I wish my hair was slightly longer is so that it'd be easier to sniff when it smells delicious. Otherwise, it just feels like I'm teasing myself, haha!

- No matter how my scarf rolls up during the night, my trusty headband will keep it on. Bwhahaha! Thwarted.

- Despite all the damage I incurred from colouring my hair purple, I still want to do it again :) (example of how cute it was to be found here). I considered chalking, but then a safer alternative came along.

- I will get better at styling.

- No, Ma, I still don't know what I'm going to do with my hair that day. Just focusing on making sure that other essentials will be there. Like. Food.

- I miss the cheapness of British hair products. Wherefore art thou, Poundland??


  1. I say enjoy your hair at each stage that it’s at, now that my hair is long i see all kinda cute styles i wish i had tried when my hair was shorter. Now i mostly wear my hair in a bun but i am learning to love what i have and work with it.

    1. I agree with you. I think my problem is never knowing how to enjoy my hair at each stage, whilst coupling that with my desire to stay practical too!

  2. Maybe I didn't read carefully enough on the other post, but have you officially moved to France, or visiting?

    1. Kind of both! I'm living here, but it's definitely for the short term! In under a year, I should be back in the UK :)


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