Monday 9 January 2012

Split Decision

Over the last couple of months, it would seem I've been plagued with more split ends and knots and tangles than I can remember. Frustration has caused me to snip them out, if I'm being good, or to simply pull them off (if I'm being bad).

When my hair suffered from breakage, I sorted myself out and now I don't notice my breakage as much. So I've got to do the same for the splits on my hair - deal with them or get over them.

I'm dealing with them, but in two ways only, because I'm too lazy busy to do any more than that.

1. Moisturise more heavily: It's winter. Between the radiators, the wind, the cold, the rain, hail, snow and the hats, my hair has been getting thirstier a lot more and I've been doing absolutely nothing to combat it. And obviously, my ends, as the oldest and most fragile parts of my hair, are taking the biggest hits. So this means I either need to moisturise mroe often (bleurgh)or use heavier products (more likely). I visited the Wonder Thing's family just before Christmas and forgot my safety pins, and was too lazy to find any, so the scarf fell off a lot during the night. After the second night, I gave up trying, and just wet my hair and left my rinse in conditioner (Tresemm√© Naturals) in with some shea butter mix, as though this was going to combat any problems I would inevitably run into. Usually I'm quite leery of leaving in conditioners that are designed to be rinsed out but my beloved Giovanni is just not cutting it this winter.

It really helped deal with the dryness I'd felt was creeping up, all the way until I washed my hair. Bonus!

2. Ditch the shampoo - especially the sulphates: I incorporated it back into my routine last year, and thought that I'd found a shampoo I loved in the form of Lush's Trichomania, despite the fact that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, is the first ingredient. However, I think I've found an alternative cleanser that I'm even happier with. So sulphate shampoo is going to have to take a hike, at least until one of the major 'S' activities get reincorporated into my life in a major way: Sports, Summer, Swimming, Sweating.

Hopefully, I'll see some promising results soon!

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