Monday 27 September 2010

Puddin', you're whipped...

So, I've been looking back on maybe using shea butter again. But I couldn't decide on what to put in it.
I also wanted some sort of curl cream but didn't how/what exactly to use.

And then I went over to A Natural Girls Guide to Beauty and she had posted up a curl definng recipe that also happened to contain shea butter!
How convenient!
It's almost like...almost like she was asked....*shifty look*

So, mine was basically the same recipe, though I changed the oil and I think I went over board with the Aloe Vera Gel (you know when you're counting and you can't remember if the number in your head is the next number or the one you've already counted? Yeah. I did that. Twice).

So I (think I) used:

- 5 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel
- 1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil
- 1 tablespoon of Shea Butter
- 2 tablespoon of IC Fantasia with SparkleLites

I gently half melted the Shea butter and the coconut oil in the microwave on a low heat, and then whipped it in its intended container. Then I added the Aloe Vera gel, until that was incorporated, and then the IC Fantasia.

The finished product

Easy, right? The great thing about this recipe is you can easily change it up! I tried it on Monday, and I liked it a lot. But it has to pass my three times test, so we'll see what happens...


I wrote the above a while ago, and then last week I found myself in the countryside, surrounded by sheep. They are cute, and fluffy, but useless when it comes to helping me with my hair. But look! What container dost I spy yonder in my suitcase? It is my curl cream and my hair is saved!

I used it on damp hair. I rubbed the product between my hands and then ran my fingers through it. Then, ka-blam! I was done. My hair was all lovely and big, and lightly hydrated. My hair is fine on top, so too much and it would have been Slick Street.
I used it mainly to style my hair into two big side puffs and my fringe, so it needed re-doing on a daily basis to maintain my ends (as I wasn't moisturising and sealing at night due to the lack of products and abundance of sheep), but I liked it a lot. It helped minimise the damage I knew I was causing to my poor old ends.
My main gripe is that since winter is fast approaching, it isn't really going to be practical for me to use this on a regular basis. I'm sad I didn't discover this earlier. But when summer comes back around, I'm going to experiment with this and my sun screen and see what I get!

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