Monday 20 December 2010

Monday Mission - Sharing is Caring!

Since sharing is caring, and it's the Christmas season and Home Alone is going to be on TV,  I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite, non-hair related blogs that I don't really mention here.

I just stalk them.



Like a ninja.

If you now have an image in your head of a ninja with an afro puff, I'm sorry.

I always try and link to blogs I love, but there are others that I may not have the chance to link to, simply because my random ramblings don't head in that direction

So I'm sharing, in case anyone out there is interested.

Since my addiction simply won't let up, when I want all the up to date news on the K-actors, K-drama, I adore Dramabeans - the two main contributors, girlfriday and javabeans, on the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho K-Drama recaps, made me literally laugh out loud and screech in hysterics at their reviews of each episode and character analysis. They also help in explaining how certain aspects of Korean culture further and encourage the plot and character development.

I want to be their friend, eat kogi with them and discuss the latest happenings in K-drama land.

I attempted to write a (brief) recap for the first episode of this new K-drama I've started and it has given me a new found respect for what they do.

As well as making me swear to myself never to do it for an entire series, lest I die of exhaustion.

The blogger behind Grosgrain Fabulous is incredibly inspiring - I think I've read through her entire archive and my favourite dress that she has made has to be this asymmetrical Streamer Frock that she did for a giveaway, but there's so many others as well. 
She also did an Embellish Knit Month theme, where she'd get a knitted item and alter and embellish it to make it look completely different, and gave tutorials as well (She doesn't always do them for her usual sewing items). She also linked to the incredible WWEPW ('What would Emma Pillsbury Wear?') site that, as a major Gleek, I really love.  As soon as I repair the sewing machine, get over my fears of sewing thread, learn how to sew, and get the time...I may attempt to make a dress.


For some pure cuteness factor, I head over to My Milk Toof. It's about two milk teeth called Lardee and ickle and they're simply adorable. Usually, each post is made up of still pictures that depict a simple story. There are captions underneath each photo that show you what ickle or Lardee is saying in the picture. Because I can't do anything by halves, I read the entire archive in a day. The work that the artist who does the blog puts into each post is incredible, and it's so well done.
The one I love for the 'awww' factor is Up and Away.

No, wait, 'Spelunking' is awesome.

But 'Toof Cleaning' is great too!

I should move on.

As well as all my leisurely readings, I have a little folder named 'Lifestyle', and in it is Fabulously Broke in  the City - which is basically a twenty something Canadian woman talking about finance and how she got herself out of $60,000 worth of debt in two years.
I'm not the most money jargon savvy person, but fortunately, she also sometimes writes on more subjective elements: Why her brother is Mr. Jones, what a study said about weight affecting pay, comparing university tuition fees in different countries and different monetary scams that people may get sucked into.

As a university student who has no desire to marinade in debt for too long, it's incredibly useful to me, but it's also fascinating from a  feminist view-point.

Her reflections on attitudes to money are insightful too - and far, far too easy to relate to, such as this one about what people tell themselves to allow themselves to buy.

Plus FB, the blogger, is very straightforward about what's she's saying, which I really appreciate considering the topic matter.

And I'm the kind of person that usually needs things spelt out for her.

In really big letters.

No more than five letters per word, please.

There is a woman in the U.S.A. She is known as the Pioneer Woman. I have no idea how I stumbled upon her blog this year, but I then spent the next two days reading all, forty-something chapters of her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels series epic that detailed how she'd met her husband.

I briefly thought about doing a similar thing for The Wonder Thing and I.

But since the first time we met involves a football match, a remote control, The TV show Skins, Luke Pasqualino and my bosom area, I didn't think it'd be *ahem* appropriate for now.

Why did I just mention my bosom on this blog?

I don't know.

I guess it just felt right.

Back to the topic at hand - as well as her life on the ranch, she also blogs (extensively, thank goodness!) about food, and was also were I first picked up some tips for photography. It'd be useful if I had a decent camera, but my phone and I can continue to pretend for now. Also, her giveaways are ridiculous.
I'm going to stop now. All this gushing is embarrassing.

But if you have any other blogs you'd like to recommend, please do - especially if they're your own!

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