Thursday 2 December 2010

British Frugalistas - Heads up!

When I stopped relaxing my hair, one of my biggest issues was finding stuff I could put in my hair without fear of some horrific outcome. I was 17, broke and my family thought I'd gone mental to try and live life without relaxers..

In short, money wasn't coming by easy. The websites I lurked on constantly recommended products that I couldn't afford ($60 for a hair cream? What, you putting pure gold in there or something?), or couldn't get a hold of (Target? Trader Joes? Whole Foods? What are these places? In the words of Liz Lemon: "I want to go to there...").

An abusive relationship with Wilkinson's Coconut Conditioner ensued.

The end was...unpleasant. And gunky *shudders*

So, I'm compiling a list of silicone-free products for us Curly/Coily/Fro endowed British lot that are under £5 (at the time of writing).
All of the products are on the high street (but everyone's high street is different...)
I haven't tried many of the products on this list, just the Inecto Coconut Conditioner and Original Source White Pear and Avocado conditioner, both of which are staples. All my information came from this thread on British Curlies. I'm not trying to encourage product junkie-ism!
Here we go!

Prices may almost definitely vary!
An Anon has kindly left this link that leads you to a pretty awesome forum thread listing CG friendly products available in the UK. 
Other contributions are gratefully accepted:

Low Poo Shampoos

Naked shampoos (available in Boots) £3.91
Halos n Horns Mango Melon Mayhem Shampoo and Conditioner priced £3.79
Tara Smith Big baby shampoo £4.50 for 250ml, £2.50 for 100ml
Tara Smith Feed the root shampoo £4.50 for 250ml, £2.50 for 100ml
Tara Smith C Curls shampoo £4.50 for 250ml, £2.50 for 100ml
Tara Smith Straight Away shampoo £4.50 for 250ml, £2.50 for 100ml
Body Shop Rainforest Shampoo Range around £2


Asda Jojoba £0.70 - £0.90
Dr Organics Aloe Vera £4.99 [Holland and Barrett]
Naked Conditioners [Boots] £1.29 - £3.99
Naked Unveiled Hydrating Conditioner (2 water soluble cones) - £3.99
Naked Rescue Conditioner - £3.91
Naked Rescue Repairing Hair Treatment Repairing Sachet - £1.29
Naked Richness Revealed Colour Protection Conditioner (2 water soluble cones) - £3.99
Naked Smooth and Silky Conditioner - £3.99
Naked Mildness Unadorned Sensitive Conditioner - £3.99
Naked Volume Unleashed Weightless Conditioner (2 water soluble cones) - £3.99
Original Source Conditioners £1+
Garneir Fructus Repair & Shine Conditioner - £1-£2
Inecto Pure Coconut Oil Conditioner - £2 [I get mine from BodyCare]
Superdrug Naturals Intensive Conditioner Coconut and Sweet Almond £1.89
Superdrug Naturals Conditioner Coconut and Sweet Almond (300ml) £1
Boots Ingredients Intensive hair mask Honey and Jojoba (350ml) £1.99
Boots Ingredients Intensive hair mask Coconut and Almond (350ml) £1.99
Faith in Nature conditioners for cowash - approx £3.90 - £4.50 [Health Food Stores]
Lustrasilk Shea Butter and Mango - £1.69-£3
Dr Organics Manuka Honey Conditioner approx £4.99 [Holland & Barretts]
Morrisons Fruits Conditioners £1+
Tara Smith Big baby conditioner - £4.50 for 250ml, £2.50 for 100ml
Tara Smith Feed the conditioner £4.50 for 250ml, £2.50 for 100ml
Tara Smith C Curls conditioner £4.50 for 250ml, £2.50 for 100ml
Tara Smith Straight conditioner £4.50 for 250ml, £2.50 for 100ml
Tesco Extracts Coconut Conditioner - £1.50
Body Shop Rainforest Shampoos - £4
Schwarzkopf Supersoft Bio Pomegranate Conditioner £1-£2
Loreal Elvive Full Restore Conditioner - £2.40

Deep Treatments:

L’oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Intensive Shine Masque - £3.99
Andrew Barton S.O.S Help Me! £3.70 [Asda]


Boots Essential Gel - £1
Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Scrunching Jelly (200ml) - £4.50
L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Mineral Control Invisi’Gel (150ml) - £3.50
Eco Styler Krystal 473 ml - £2.00
Dr Organics Aloe Vera Gel - £4.99 (Holland and Barrett)
Tara Smith Rock On! Gel about £2 for 100ml but prices vary
Garnier Fructus Endurance gel £2-3 (not the invisible one)

Curl Creams

Boots Essential Pink Curl Creme - £1.29
Naked Curl Cream - £3.99


Naked Frizz Fighter - £5


  1. wow. Thank you, now that's a christmas gift. Have you tried all of these?

  2. The Inecto Coconut Oil Conditioner is a staple in my arsenal, as is the Original Source White Pear and Avocado.
    As a budding mixtress, I tend to make most of my stuff, but I don't have much time this year to do that, so will be testing some stuff out. I'm testing out a shampoo from Boots (Happy Hair Days Colour Care) - only used it once so far. And I'm looking at the Lustrasilk or the L'Oreal Intensive Shine Masque as a potential DC.
    Hope that helps a little!

  3. HELLO!!! The post, Ive been looking for my blogging life! Amazing, Im a natural lass (from London) and i feel all the US ladies have all the luck finding great products for our hair. Thank you for posting this

  4. nice compilation!! when i am next in the UK, i will be looking some of these up!! want to try the Boots brand!!



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