Friday 3 December 2010

Holey Sock Bun

Maybe you've got one.

At the bottom of your drawer.

You know.

That - that thing.

That sock. You know, with the hole in it.

It needs to throw it away, but then there's that sticky, haunting thought of "Nooooo, it's so comfy! And what can I do with the other one that it matches? It will be there in my sock drawer, all lonely and sniffly."

It's winter. Nobody wants to be lonely and sniffly, because that is not what Christmas is about.

Oh dear. I digress. That's the problem with being so merry.

So, you have the sock. What to do with the sock.

Easy. Snip off the toe bit. Snip it off the other one as well.

And then make a sock bun!

She does it on wet hair, but I don't like manipulating my hair whilst wet, so my hair was only slightly dampened.

Make sure you've washed the socks before putting them anywhere near your hair. Because cheesy smelling hair is never a good thing.

Unless you're Betty Spaghetti, I guess.

Here's mine:

You could see the sock/knee support I improvised with, so I covered it with some red ribbon.

Whoo! I feel Christmassy!

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  1. heeheehee! i tried this last week, loved it. Will be bunning more now!! thanks! :)


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