Tuesday 21 December 2010


One of The Bro's friend's was over today.

There is usually one of them in our abode at any given time.

So, I walk into the room, feeling my twist out, when he looks at me and, in mild disgust, he says
"I hear you're dating a ginger."

The Bro explained: "He hates ginger people."

I looked at the Bro's friend, whom The Bro and the other friends refer to as 'The Ginge'.


I didn't really know what to say to that.

Like, should I have joked "Wow, looking in the mirror in the mornings must be a real nightmare"?!


(For my lovely international audience, who may not be aware, the British have a habit of calling red headed people 'ginger.' I don't know why - ginger is golden coloured, isn't it?)

So I just scratched my head and said "Uhhhhhhhh..........okay?"

I think that maybe he was taking Tim Minchin's advice to a bit of an extreme.

Simply Confused,


  1. Seriously that is beyond offensive. I would have set him straight and not in such a polite way as you suggested. I would also have had a go at your brother for poor choice of friends.

    I am doubly offended because I personally find red hair to be a very striking and beautiful colour. I think the shades of red differ and sometimes changes with age. Check out this video


  2. I looooooooooooove red hair! I think it's the most amazing and diverse shade of hair you can have!

    The Bro and his friends are only 14/15, so I think that is what passes for controversial humour at that age.

    I will not let his 'disapproval' taint my continuing (and potentially obsessive) love for red hair. But I have forwarded the video to The Wonder Thing!


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