Friday 24 December 2010

Hair - Raising Resolution

I'm having a bit of trouble uploading a couple of posts, since my internet has gone all of a bit funny.

While I'm trying to sort them out, editing and re-arranging and formatting, I thought I'd remind you of this post, where I talked about doing a Waist Length for 2012 challenge. Not sure if the blog author remembers it, but one of the original participants, Nikole of Moptop Maven, is doing her own challenge about healthy hair resolutions for 2011.

Aiming for Mid Back Length by the end of next year, I'm definitely taking part (Number 243 in the comments section)!

Do you have any plans for your hair in the new year?

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. just read the posts! nice! i a already doing most of the stuff, so i guess i am in?? lol :) going to be doing more protective styles i have decided, and most of my products are natural (except for my latest crush on Miss Jessie's products and Elasta QP mango butter). I don't really know how to set a length goal, but hopefully by October 2011 i will have about 12 to 13 inches of hair (planning on trimming at least twice before then, usually take off an inch). That would mark my 2.5 years of being natural.

  2. You doing far better than I am already! Slept with my hair out - breakage everywhere.
    Lovely start to the new year.
    Length goals differ for everyone - because I'm taller, it'll take me longer to reach length goals defined by my body than a shorter person.
    Your method is far more exact!


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