Monday 13 December 2010

Monday Mission - Know Thyself

Hi. I'm A Simple Thing.

And you', You.

So, I'm guessing that we know who we are right now.


However, sometimes we forget who we are and we allow other people to define us - telling us that our body looks wrong for our height/colour/age, that we're not the irregular side of tall/short, that if only our nose was smaller/less pointy/narrower we'd be so pretty, and that we shouldn't wear that thing, because we look so terrible in that colour it makes them want to tear their eyes out, so please would we do the world a service and take that hideous cardigan off and incinerate it?

The answer, in my case, is always no.

Because I like it. And it's warm.

I got into a 'discussion' (read: argument) with someone the other day over what was typical for certain types of people.

I said "Well, I don't fit any of those characteristics!"

To which they replied "To be honest, you're not really typical, are you?"

To which I say "Boo to you!" I'm typical for me.

And hopefully, you're typical for you.

Hopefully you know that being who you are is typical.

You know that when people tell you that because you're such and such, you should or shouldn't really be into this-and-that, it's not even worth gracing them with a reply.

We all have our similarities (especially considering that over 99% of your DNA is the same as any random person on the street) but allowing these similarities to restrict us in our (hopefully, legal) passions just doesn't make sense.

At this point, unless you lived a Jason Bourne life and your memories were erased, you should be getting to know yourself as a person quite well. And unless you live with Derren Brown, or your mother, there shouldn't really be anyone who knows you better than yourself.

If you know you enjoy it, don't let anyone else tell you different.

*Eats cake*

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