Saturday 18 December 2010

Christmas Meal Twist and Curl.

This was a dry set, but I was pretty impressed with how it turned out.

So I put my hair into medium sized twists all over my head. I didn't part, because it was only a set, so I didn't need neatness. I didn't really used a holding product (since I don't really have one..?)

It took me about 45 minutes to do my entire head, but that's because I had cheated and tried to do flat twists on one side the night before. They actually inspired the set, since I liked the way they looked when I tried to take them out and came out like this:

Then I got some neon coloured flexi-rods and rolled the ends of my twists on them, so that faced inwards and downwards, rather than upwards and outwards.

Neon coloured flexi-rods make everything ten times as fun.

It may not be a concrete fact yet, but it will be!

Then I tied on a satin scarf and a hat and ran off to class for a couple of hours.

Then I came back and took off the flexi-rods.

Whoa. Spirally much?

I took down the twists...

...and then I split the twists, to give my hair more volume, and then gently put my fingers in the dividing sections and gently massaged to minimise the appearance of sections.

Aw, man, totally didn't realise the attempted part of my flat twist was visible.

Then I tied and pinned in place a scarf that kind of matched my outfit and went out the door.

I may try this again in the future!



  1. i love the results!! and yeah those neon flexies are cool!! :)

  2. Thank you so much! I was really nervous, since I've never done a twist out before and it was such short notice, but I'm really glad with the way it turned out.
    The neon flexies definitely give me an 80s feel when I've got them in - all I need are some sweatbands and the leg warmers and I'm ready to go!

  3. hahaha, i have a couple of pairs neon leg warmers (yellow and red) from years ago, i can't bring myself to chuck them, though might give them to charity tomorrow!! :)


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