Wednesday 29 September 2010

Writerius Dorkimus

Before the summer, I came up with a momentous idea.

I was going to make a T.V show. It would be about a Nigerian family living in Britain. And it would be based on my life (since that's the only in depth experience I have of a Nigerian family living in Britain). I got excited. I told my friends. I started arranging things.

By golly, we even had ideas for a spin off show in America.

It was going to be MASSIVE.

I remember thinking "There are close to 17 million of us! Why has no-one thought of doing this before?!"

And then I found out that somebody had.

Ka-dunk. Hey Hope. Meet your new friend, Floor.

I looked at the website for this new T.V show and saw a lot of stuff that made me raise my eyebrows so far up my forehead, they created a new hairline.

And then I saw the Contact Us box.

And then I had an idea.

And I sent in that idea as a script piece via the Contact Us.

And now I am writing for the aforementioned T.V-show-in-development.

I'm really nervous. It's extremely easy to be snooty about other people's stuff from a distance, but when you're involved, you can feel the sweat slick off your hands.

But I'm thinking I might post up my previous ideas here anyway, if you wouldn't mind.

So you can have a little chuckle at my silly ideas. And maybe say "Hey, that happened to me!"

Or, "What's yam?"

If you ask "What's yam?" I'll fall off my chair in shock - but don't worry, I'll drag myself back up to explain it to you.

Then I'll probably go and eat some yam.

Unless I'm back at uni by then (which is likely).

In which case, I'll go and get some fried chicken.

Oh, but it'll be so far...

Maybe I'll just eat a chocolate biscuit instead.

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