Thursday 2 September 2010

Purple Ambition: Part 2

So, I went to the salon where I'd had my consultation. I'd told myself that if I couldn't get the colour I wanted, I wasn't going to do it (because I'm resolute like that, yo).

The lady who spoke to me was kind and gently explained to me that no, the (Aveda Colour Care) system they used didn't have the shade of purple I wanted.

The closest they had was something they called 'magenta' and I called 'pink'.

I'm not walking around with bright pink hair. It might suit other people but not me. I'd have to wear pink all the time so that I'd match! (/melodramatic vanity)

So, I didn't do it.

At that salon.
Walking home, I entered another one that I'd gone into a while ago, the had a sign saying they specialised in Afro Caribbean hair. And then my hair was bleached and dyed.
I'd like to point out something: The bleach is permanent. The purple dye is semi-permanent, so in about 6 washes it should come out and fade to a honey-brown/orange, and I'll have to put the dye in again.
So, uh, here it is:

Bargain Andrex puppy in the background FTW!

Wheee! I'm Yoruichi-san!

I'm happy with the colour - I wanted one that wasn't too obvious (because I suspect that the amount of bleach it would have taken to make it brighter would have made my hair drop out before it actually got there) but shows up under sunlight. This also makes it easier to disguise for job interviews and stuff.
However, the coverage isn't too great. When she was applying it, I saw she was having a bit of difficulty because the applicator brush kept getting stuck in my hair, so there's still some orangey bits.

Can you see the brown parts? Yeah, I'm have to deal with them later...


  1. one word ......... brave! I am far too petrified of salons and hair colour. I like the purple and I kinda like the brown bits more actually. I guess if I was to 'dye' my hair, I would pick a darkish brown.

  2. @ J.C Haha, I forgot to mention I was bricking myself >.< THey look brown under the camera but in real life, they look more....ginger/orange. Together, it looks kind of like it belongs in a steampunk movie somewhere...Hope you're back from your hiatus soon! :)

  3. Its lovely! You usually see that weird Krazy Color purple, but this is very nice.
    I've been wanting to go blonde for about a year, but i keep chickening out. My hair is so fragile i'm just scared it will drop out. I really need to do some colour research.

  4. What you have successfully been able to do in what seems like a spur of the moment trip to a salon [you know, walking away from your original choice and walking into one you entered a while ago], I have failed to do for 10 years (Procrastination is my middle name sometimes!)(p.s. I'm not old).

    Great colour!

  5. @Digitaribbon: Thank you! I agree, research is really important to do before it, so you don't end up with some thing irreparable on your head. I've got pretty fragile hair - it's been breaking a lot. So I did a protein treatment before, and then put some coconut oil in on the day, and am now using my protein conditioner as a leave in and moisturising it a lot more. I think it's working!

    @Unchained-Twist: (Like the new name!) I procrastinate so much, sometimes I have bursts of incredible spontaneity. Then again, I'm really scared of salons, so I can see why you put it off...


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