Wednesday 8 September 2010

Hand Care = Hair Care

So, looking after your hand will help you look after your hair.

You're rolling your eyes at me now, saying "Yeah, yeah, nails and hair are made up of the same keratin protein type, so if I eat stuff to look after my nails, my hair will also be looked after."*

*Cuts her eyes at you for getting fresh and being a smart-alek.*
*Smiles at you for being assertive and extra knowledgeable*

That's cool, and you do that, but I don't mean by eating foods to help sustain and manage their growth (though I can't see how this would hurt).

Wool and silk are also made up of similar keratin proteins to your hair and nails, but you can see that their structure is extremely different. However, one thing they all have in common is that they all have to be handled carefully.

You see that? Handled carefully.

For those that DIY, and even those that don't, you are going to experience some form of hand entering your hair in order to wash it, apply product to it, and style it. And with your hands...come your nails.

If you have a sharp point somewhere, you know it's possible for you to catch your clothes on it and cause a tear.
So if you have jagged nails it is equally likely that your hair can, and may, catch on the rough edges, causing breakage.

- Wearing gloves whilst washing up will prevent the harsh detergents drying out your nails and making them brittle, and less liable to chip, and less likely you catch your hair on it!
Plus, on the back of the detergent container, they usually tell you to wear gloves anyway...

- If you're someone who always forgets to put gloves on, (or you can't be bothered with the faffery) rubbing sweet almond oil into your nails may help to strengthen and protect them because constantly putting them in water can dry them out.

- To avoid this breakage from jagged edges, I gently file my nails every day (to prevent having to cut them, because I suck at doing that and have much ph34r of the ingrown nails), usually whilst on the bus. I don't use metal ones, because they're too rough for my nails - I use emery boards. They may look hard as, nails, but your nails are still very fragile. There are videos on Youtube if you want the correct technique.

- Stop opening stuff with your nails! If you have to open one of those irritating pull rings on the baked beans cans that NEVER seems to lift, use blunt knife, or the handle of a spoon. I know you're hungry, but come're better than that! (It's like when relatives open cans of Supermalt with their teeth. I want to fall to the floor in sorrow).

- Please remember that your nails are not a snack. You can use an anti-bite solution, or put some karela juice on it (which is just as nasty - they don't call it the bitter melon for nothing!). Or get a particularly annoying and naggy friend to watch out for you biting your nails.

- If you've got an itchy scalp, please do not scratch with your nails. Rub it with your fingertips - or even better give yourself a scalp massage.

Look at her jagged nails. Now look at her hair. POINT MADE!

Okay. I think that's enough talk of jagged edges.

Actually, no, one more.

*confirmed by The Natural Haven, in the top paragraph

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