Tuesday 14 September 2010

McFly Memory Moment

Everybody I know is really happy that the members of the band 'McFly' have gotten all buffed up and ripped and now they can perv appreciate them in a purely aesthetic manner T_T

But now they've gotten all rocky and R 'n' B and 'hot' (*gag*) and stuff, their videos have changed! Have you seen Party Girl? I'm a notorious prude and I definitely can't watch that with my parents in the room! Duuudes! Come ON. Pity me a little!

I'm not saying that their new song doesn't make me tap my feet when I'm washing up the dishes.
I just saying whenever the song comes onto the TV, I change the channels, because so-called sexiness combined with vampires makes me highly uncomfortable.

So, this is in memory to the silly McFly of my teenage years.
Sometimes their eyebrows didn't match their hair.
They had an overt fondness for fake moustaches and never seemed to get the girl.
Your little sister thought they were pretty cute, which should've made them as desirable as Justin Bieber to a 28 year old lesbian.

I wasn't really supposed to like them, but I did anyway.


  1. I was actually amused by the Party Girl video, the 'blood' looked just like pasta sauce, YUM! I do wish the whole sexy vampire thing would go away for another ten years or so.

  2. The blood was amusing. It kind of reminded me of Nollywood films.
    I blame Stephanie Mayer and Twilight.

    To be honest, I have gotten into the habit of blaming them for most negative things, but I think that, in this instance, my ire may be correctly focused.


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