Wednesday 1 September 2010

Purple Ambition

So, I have wanted purple hair since...forever. But I've only seriously considered doing it since I actually started doing my hair. No clip-ins - none of them are the same texture, and my scalp is notoriously fussy.

But then I started considering what I wanted to do: What shade of purple did I want exactly? How badly would I have to bleach my hair to get it to the desired shade? How much damage would it do? Am I prepared to deal with that amount of damage?
I read Alice's (of Diary of a Kinky Coily Transitioner) description of bleaching her hair magenta pink by herself.
She also describes the bleach burns. I was like "Oh, hell nawh!" and decided to get it done professionally if I was going to use the harsh chemicals, and without a blowdry, it'll cost me £15 (though I suspect I will have to walk home with a dripping wet head).
If I was too afraid of hydrogen peroxide, I considered using Naturtint. However, I got put off because I've tried Herbatint a few months ago and it didn't work.
Like, at all.
And it was £.7.99, so as a student, I felt that loss seriously. I didn't eat for like, 5 hours.
Plus, they didn't have a shade near enough to the colour I want (yes, I am that shallow).

So, I'm throwing my hands up. I'm going to try an apparent compromise and use a salon that used the Aveda Colour system. I went for a consultation and patch test yesterday, to prevent me turning into a gremlin as it transforms. And tomorrow, hopefully, I will have purple hair!

I can't lie. I'm nervous.
Just to let you know, I heavily resisted the urge to put Prince's Purple Rain in this post. I know y'all are grateful.

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