Thursday 9 September 2010

Sitting on my hands...

Well, not exactly. I'm trying to think of a way to prevent me unraveling the twists my sister did for me. She's transitioning (or just stretching between relaxers for a veeerrrry long time) and she wanted to practise on my hair. I'm the only person in the family with accessible hair at the moment, so I guess she didn't have much choice.

Here they are:

Pretty good, no? *Strokes moustache* They're quite slim though, which I'm not used to, but that's not such a bad thing.
And now I want to take them down.
Is it because I have some amazingly inventive hairstyle that I just HAVE to try?
Like, right now?

No. It's because I'm bored and I miss my fro.

See, when I was watching 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho', I had no such problems! ¬_¬

So what can one do, when one wants to touch up one's hair, but must resist (without resorting to sitting on your hands)? I came up with this list:

1 - Draw a picture. Maybe a cat. Try and auction it off on ebay for more than £25 , claiming that it's some form of modern art. Charge twice as much for an autographed version. Everybody should own a

2 - Make up a dance to a really upbeat song you like. Include a LOT of jazz hands. Even if it's a hip hop song. Actually, ESPECIALLY if it's a hip hop song. Bonus points if you can get a cheery high kick in to a rap song!

3 - Drag out your make-up bag and put on the most obscene eyeshadow/lipstick you own. Who said blue lipstick and red eyeshadow don't go? You're going to work it, heck yeah!

4 - Go into the garden and dead head some plants. and dig up some weeds. It's doubly essential to make sure you only pick weeds if it's not your garden.

5 - Paper planes. Oh, they're so under-rated as a fidgety hand distractor! If you're intent on making the best paper aeroplane ever, the instructions are (apparently) here.

6 - Do a handstand. Ha, let's see you try and touch your hair now!

7 - Grab some clay (if you can manage to get your hands on some at such short notice) and make a vase. Or a mug. Or a blob man. There is nothing wrong with blob men. Just try not to scare yourself, right?

8 - Learn how to knit or crochet. It's possible to make a hat in your free time in a couple of days! Even if you don't manage to get it immediately, the time it'll take you to untangle your poor fingers from the yarn should be quite a while...

9 - Lift some hardcore weights! (or maybe some baked beans cans, I can't lie, I'm not qualified for properweights yet *weeps*).

10 - Give yourself a facial. Savvy Brown has one here, if you want to whip something up with what you have at home. Dudes can do them too - rosemary, eucalyptus and tea tree don't smell that feminine. Like, at all.


  1. I vote for learning to crochet! its so much fun.

  2. Indeed! Maybe work on some hats for winter time...


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