Friday 2 March 2012

Last year, I gave up meat for Lent.

Well, not really gave up. I decided to look at it less from what I was not getting and more as a glance at that which I had left to totally and completely embrace.

This year, I've not been so easy on myself.

I've given up hair blogs *passes out*

Even typing the words makes my insides crawl at the thought of it.

Partly, it's to cut down on my electricity and laptop usage. I will quite happily spend at least 5 hours every day on my laptop simply clicking through to random blogs and watching people (the amount of hours I spent watching people on Youtube has in no way transferred to my styling skills in real life. Ergo, twas a waste of time).
And secondly, it's because I have a serious, serious addiction. The few days when I finally decided has been incredibly difficult. Two of the most visited  pages on my google chrome new tab thingy are hair blogs (mainly hairscapades, due to a combination of regular updating and brilliant, engaging content). My shy, private nature has become much worse in the last couple of weeks and being in real social situations has started to seriously stress me out (yes, it's that bad).

The rules are simple: Absolutely no hair blogs (unless a post comes up in my reader that is apparently non hair related - which kind of nullifies the absolute part of this rule) and no using the laptop between 8am - 12pm. I'm still allowed to update here though, because if not the back log of thoughts will build up in my head and drive me mad.

Hopefully, this will give me enough time to start back up and improve on my atrocious sewing skills....

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