Tuesday 13 March 2012

Bargain Accessories

The other day, I was in Home Bargains, probably picking up pitta breads or something.
That's what I usually enjoy doing on a lukewarm Saturday afternoon. As usual, I wasn't paying attention to my own business but was instead paying far too much attention to the people around me. In this instance, it was the woman in front of me in the cue. She'd tipped out her basket and dozens of hair accessories clattered onto the conveyor belt. I raised an eyebrow in mild surprise at the amount and tried to guess why the lady had decided it was necessary to buy so many - maybe she had the birthday of triplet nieces coming up? Why else would someone need so many hair accessories?

The next time I went in and something caught my eye that solved the mystery.


screamed the sign. I looked closer. Whoa, Babyliss accessories? For only 39p?! Sign me up!

I bent down to trawl through them to find some that appealled to me. I was not looking to repeat the other lady's mammoth shop in any way, shape or form (I mean I only have one head!). Plus, they had some geometric eighties style hair bands and pearlescent clips too but...me no gusta >.<

 I found this blue flower head band (it has diamant√© thingies in the flowers too),

a pack of three slim, neutral coloured headbands,

a pack of stretchy, reversible headbands,

these flower clips,

and these pearl style clips

for 39p each. 
I would like to chalk this up as a thrifty head win.

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