Wednesday 28 March 2012

It's Messy but the Twists are Alright

On Sunday evening, I washed my hair. I went a bit crazy, used some Lush Trichomania instead of the usual Apple Cider Vinegar and water mix, therefore breaking my no sulphates rule.
In my defence, it had been a weekend of summery sun and striding aggressively up hills in a sweat inducing way and so it was needed. And I stuck to using it on my scalp only.

But man, I'd forgotten how much I loved this shampoo bar- the coconut smell, and the way my hair feels when I put it on is divine. It feels wonderful. (I'm just uncertain as to the consequences of these snatched moments of bliss).

Then I conditioned with Original Source Mint and Tea Tree conditioner. £0.99 from Bodycare.

Next, I decided - "What about stretching with my Curlformers? It's been a while!"

The last time I used them, the Tresemmé had been too heavy, so back to my ever so dependable Giovanni's it was. And slicking on lots of newly defrosted flaxseed gel too.

I must have applied the Curlformers funnily though, because I only got 3/4 of my hair sorted.


 Not to be deterred, I simply banded the last two sections and went to bed.


The sun arose and light poured into room. Sleeping had been slightly more awkward, probably because I spaced them closer together than usual but shh.

Removed the Curlformers to reveal the usual curls and apparently a mass amount of flaxseed gel residue that I hadn't noticed before looking at this photo.

Suddenly! I was struck! By inspiration! And the realization that I'd still had a Curlformer left in my head!

Holding on despite the fact that Hide and Seek is clearly over...

Back to the inspiration.

Since my hair was (mainly) all stretched, I decided to put twists in. All I used was some coconut oil and they stayed fine.
The twisting was great, in that I didn't need to part since I'd already previously done it. But I hadn't parted it properly. So I got a, er, wide variety of sizes. Again.

I would like to believe that I won't mess with my hair again until next weekend, but it's been two days and I'm bored already...


  1. Have you tried their almond shampoo I originally bought for my boyfriend but loved it on my hair, I know some people are against sulphates blah blah. x

  2. Actually, I haven't. I really quite liked their Almond and Coconut Conditioner, but I got fed up looking for shampoos until I found the Trichomania ^_^

  3. lol! I always do the pat around to make sure all the curlformers are out :D

    I do not like original source. I tried this conditioner ages ago (5-8 years ago) and it actually gave me hives (I kid you not!). I remember liking the scent though so I tried another from the range and thankfully no allergic reactions but it definitely did not do anything for my hair (way too light).

    On another side note - do you freeze your flaxseed gel? Or did you mean defrosted from the fridge?

  4. Ah, that is something I should definitely take up - especially if I plan on taking these out of the house one day.
    It's reallly strong, so I'm not surprised. I'm using it because it's cheap and it's better than it's other, which was the Almon and Coconut Conditioner. Loved the smell, but did nothing for my hair. This one is slighter better.

    And yep! I freeze it in the freezer. If you add essential oils to it, it might make that drawer smell a little strange, but it still works perfectly well! And mine had been in the freezer for a while too.


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