Wednesday 7 March 2012

Mixtress Mischief: It Ain't heavy, it's my Winter Leave in

I mentioned in this post that I was going to moisturise more heavily. My beloved Giovanni's just doesn't cut it in the cold weather, which is fine considering I quite like it for it's lightness, but not so great considering there was now a gap in my hair care structure.
I wanted something I could use on Monday and would allow me not to think about my hair until 2 day later. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this little mix to sort me out with these moisturising issues

It's so easy that I can do it with one hand. I actually feel really patronising posting it up.
But here we go anyway!


A blob of Tresemmé Natural Conditioner [about a tablespoon]
A splash of your favourite oil(s)/oil mix [just under 1/2 a tablespoon] (I used my Felix Capillus).


Squirt a generous blob of conditioner into your hand.

 Add a splash of your favourite oil(s) [it is surprisingly difficult to unscrew a cap with one hand. I would advise doing this before dealing with the blob of conditioner].

Mush together in your hand and apply to your hair. If I use it on damp/wet hair, I seal it with shea butter. If I use it on dry hair, I simply leave it as is it.

Repeat the aforementioned actions if you so feel it is necessary.

I know that there's a lot of issues around using rinse out conditioners as leave ins, but this just helps me out massively. There are some you can't do this with - my previous attempts at leaving in Inecto Coconut condtioner, for example, were both disastrous and sticky. But the Tresemmé doesn't seem to do me any harm, so there you go ^_^

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