Friday 15 October 2010

Confetti OM NOM NOM!

So, I gots hungry one day.

So I mades some foods.

It was actually a bento recipe, from the Just Bento site. She called it Sweet Pepper and Carrot confetti. So I guess that's what I'll call it as well. It's a really simple recipe, which I obviously adore, because hard complex recipes make my eyes go funny.

It was delicious. And I will definitely be making it a staple.


1/2 an onion
2 sweet peppers (I think bell peppers should be fine)
1 medium sized carrot
1 stock cube
340ml of hot water
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
Black pepper

Makes approximately 2/3 servings (depending on how hungry you are!)

I chopped diced up half of a red onion I had lurking in my fridge (terminology is hard!).

Then I chopped up the sweet peppers too!

Eventually they end up diced.

Then I got confused. How do you dice a carrot!?

By cutting each slice into quarters? No?

Well that's how I did it. Oh well.

The original recipe calls for dashi, but I'm not that authentic. And I don't have any vegetable stock in *carnivore face* So I used a fish stock cube.

Hello fishy!

I dissolved the stock cube in about the hot water, and then put it on to boil.

Is it boiling? Is it boiling? Did I put in too much water?

No, it's okay, it's boiling.

Getting this close is a silly thing to do.

Then I put the chopped vegetables (the onion, the carrot and the peppers) into the boiling stock...

and left it until all the water had evaporated. It took about 20 minutes.

Then I threw in about the soy sauce (it sizzles incredibly) and added a liberal amount of black pepper.

All that was left was lovely, caramelised vegetables - or confetti, if you're trying to sell this to people who despise the 'v' word.

I ate it with brown rice and sprinkled nori on top.

This is the moderate amount of nori I put on for presentation. And then I om nom nommed my way through the entire plate.


  1. This is a trick (said in Yoruba accent!). Confetti! I was expecting something else. Ah well veggies are good!

  2. Bwhaha! I thought it invovled sweets when I first read the title...afraid not...though that might make a nice idea in future!


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