Friday 8 October 2010

Fresher's Fair!

We gave out over 500 leaflets for our society. I had to keep running to the library and printing off more. I fail at Presidential delegation.

There were so many people!

And we got over 100 e-mail sign ups. So, I think this was a pretty good Fresher's Fair. And our stall did rock.

And more importantly, the freebies! Whoo!

I didn't jiggle the camera. That's how fast the dude was handing out free pizza.

One of the staff on one of the stall's did her own seasonal make - up.

As I didn't love their store already.

A Jack Daniel's cowboy hat that some stall was handing out.

They'd run out of sombreros, which made me sad.

Now The Wonder Thing and I can't match.

My friend BeeBee, styling the aforementioned cowboy hat in an appropriately suave manner.

She was so insanely enamoured of the hat I had to give it to her!

All the swag I dost picketh up from the Freebie fair (minus the hat).

Yes, that is a loaf of bread in front.

Surely you know that bread is a staple product for 85% of British students?

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