Monday 18 October 2010

Darlings, I'm dizzy

Because I finally got to see Willow Smith's new video for her 'Whip My Hair' single (link updated 27/10/2010, as Youtube has now blocked it in the U.K. Boo hiss!). And it's stunning. I adore her confidence in the video, and the bright colourful aspect of it.
Using her hair as a paintbrush? Inspired.
I bet even Mr Incredible is whipping his head to this, with his rubber necking self.
But then again, I also like the Sesame Street 'I Love My Hair' video. It's cutesy and lovely and makes me feel all gooey inside. It's telling you to love yourself just as you are. Beautiful.

Which one to post?

Which one to post?!!


Hello Ms Mash-up. Nice to see you.

Compromise for the win!

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