Saturday 2 October 2010


*Puts on gangsta hat*

Coco and Creme wrote a little article on 'Fly International Chicks'.

Getchu a piece.

'Cos it's wicked, innit?

Normal language will be resumed on Monday, when I have recovered from unpacking (>.<)


  1. LOL. Unpacking makes you gangsta o.O ... What effect does packing have? I might not want to know, eh?

    Anyways, do you have a blog email or something that I can contact you at? I have some questions that I dunno if (potentially) the whole world needs to read them in the comments :|

    On review, the above sounds creepy. But nah, I just wanna ask you stuff about uni/this city and things.

    Ok, I'll stop rambling here. Happy unpacking, I know how it feels...

  2. Packing makes me emo. I start moping about how it's possible for my life to fit in so few boxes, despite the fact I had a vanity *suitcase* (80% of which was dedicated to hair, bwhaha!)

    Ah, I will create one - no, wait, done! asimplething [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk!

    Because I can't find anything on your tumblr that will allow me to pst stuffs without signing up.
    And I would love to answer your questions! *Has an inordinate need to be needed*

  3. Well I am not on top of that list........what good is it? Lol

    This was a funny post.


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