Friday 11 May 2012

Not so yummy

The following is in stark contrast to my latest experiences in primary school, where the kids I know have meals that have me looking at my own lunch box efforts in disappointment. On many an occasion, I have been found hounding the dinner ladies people for a piece of dessert.

Notorious as I may be becoming, it works.

Anyway! Apparently, there is a kid who has decided to start taking pictures of their school lunches every day. It's gotten a lot of attention but I'm going to put my hand up right now and say I am not yet convinced that this is not a hoax.
Because I believe in people.
I believe in food.
And I believe in Jamie Oliver (though I'm aware his campaign was mainly aimed at primary schools, not secondary schools...).

If you've got two seconds, check it out! There are only 3 posts (and over 40,000 hits already apparently).

Never Seconds

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