Tuesday 8 May 2012

Aloe Vera Juice or No?

So Hollands and Barretts are having their Penny Sale once again - which basically means, you buy one of certain things, then you get another one for 1p.

I know, I know, it's basically buy one get one free, but they're charging you a penny for the free bit.

As usual, I picked up the necessities.

Two for £15

Whilst there I  noticed that the large aloe vera juice was also on offer.

At first, I was going to buy two of them (for a total of £10) but then I realised, I've never used aloe vera juice before. So I had a massive internal debate between just going for it and buying the two massive bottles, or going for the smaller £6 bottle. Not as great value, unless I hate it, in which case I would've saved money.
In the end, I left without buying anything, because I can always go back if I change my mind.

But should I change my mind?

Has anybody used aloe vera juice before?
Does anybody know the difference between aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel?
Does anyone have any details - the good, the bad and especially the ugly?


  1. Yo step away!

    Especially if you aren't gonna use the stuff like water/ ignore the expiration date. I was seduced by the penny sale last year.

    It only lasts either a few weeks or a month (once opened and then you have to keep it in the fridge) and for my usage that was nowhere near enough time. I didn't see much difference in my hair but I was transitioning at the time but unless you can freeze it/intend to use it loads it seems a bit pointless for the amount of money.

    I'd love to be able to use ten pounds worth of stuff on my hair a month but at the minute that isn't really tenable. :) I've got an aloe vera plant recently so you've reminded me to try it on my hair once my braids are out!

    Aloe Vera Gel lasts way longer (and out of the fridge too) and is thick - like an actual gel - and I used to use it on my relaxed hair as it made it softer. And on my face in place of moisturizer and on burns etc. But again the expense of it put me off but it's cheap in comparision to staying in juice!

    Wow this is long. HTH!

  2. Thank you so much Olli! You'e answered the veryquestion I was most concerned about - the expiry date on the product.
    So I guess I'm sticking to Aloe Vera Gel only (which is a shame, since it's not in the Penny Sale) *le sigh*

    Ah well, it's a tenner saved that can be put towards other endeavours - such as the pursuit of chocolate based happiness.... :)

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  4. This might be a bit late in helping you make up your mind....

    I love love love Aloe Vera Juice for my hair. It really softens it and makes it feel more moisturized than using plain water. Granted, you need to refrigerate it once it is opened.

    The difference between the juice and the gel is the addition of a thickening agent. The Gel may be useful for providing some sort of hold when twisting. I really can't say as I have only ever used the juice.

    Hope this helps.

  5. I like aloe vera juice.

    I use it like I do water, i.e. it's the base for many a spritz. I tend to mix it with rosewater for a refreshing spritz in the morning (good for 2nd-,3rd- etc day hair as well as box braids, which I'm currently wearing).

    Sometimes, I add some leave-in conditioner (I still love Giovanni Direct and recently discovered Keracare Natural Textures). Other times, I put it in my spray bottle with some rosewater, honey/glycerin and a drop of essential oil (lavender/tea tree). I also use it mixed with water when I am styling my hair and need to get it damp/wet.

    After all these, I always seal in with an oil or butter. I like it - it makes my hair super soft without making it feel coated in product.


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