Monday 28 May 2012

Castor-Way Dryness

The shower cap method thingy just wasn't working.

My problem wasn't so much what was happening at night, but what was happening during the day - it was deliciously hot last week. I delighted in it. My skin delighted in it.
But my hair wept. It was. Not good.

The shower cap situation wasn't doing much except to make me feel quite hot during the night (and nobody really needs that, eesssh!).

So I rummaged in my cardboard box of stuff, digging for the treasure that is my bottle of castor oil.

I poured some into some molten coconut oil (and then recoiled sharply at the smell, because phew-ee, 3 months of distance did not make the nasal glands get any fonder of castor oil's whiff).

Slicked it on my head, sprayed on some water, and then let it be.

That was Tuesday.

It's Monday today and I did it again after my Saturday wash and my hair is still singing.

No, wait. It's dancing.

Not just normal two-stepping though. Full on happy booty dancing.

Basically, castor oil mixed with something else = liquid gold on my hair when it's dry, thirsty and needs some TLC.
And it's cheap. So cheap!  And it works so well! I can't imagine slathering it on by itself - images of slicking smelly treacle onto my head come to mind - but diluting it with coconut oil seems to work so well.

The next day, my hair still felt good, despite facing off the heat in a room where the temperature seemed ever increasing and focused directly on my neck.

I decided to be a little exciting when I got back and attempt to unravel the twists to give me some sort of jazzy hairstyle, because I was getting fed up of the frizz/twists/etc. I spritzed it with water to dampen it and then haphazardly pinned the twists in random directions all over my head so that they were stretched.

You know what? It bleeding hurt. After about an hour, I got a headache and had to take the blasted bobby pins out.

All sixty billion of them.

And the stretching worked! 

Then I put my shower cap on for the night and they'd shrunk. Again.

Totally great excuse for a great twistout...

With sucky ends...

And a dodgy side of fluff!

Ah well. I ended up putting it into a ponytail anyway.

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  1. I found out that my hair loves castor oil. I couldn't believe it. Now I have childhood horror stories about castor oil, so the fragrance really brings back memories. Now I use the Tropical Isle Castor Oil that is infused with lavender. So much better, but costs a little more that the pharmaceutical version.

    Anyhoo, when I wash and condition my hair, after I rinse out the conditioner, I mix some castor oil and jojoba oil or almond oil together in my hands and run it through my hair. Then I add a cream version of a leave-in conditioner. My hair is super moist and plyable. At that point I either plait it so it can air dry or I twist it.

    Now if my hair is already dry and I want to twist it, I spritz my hair with water, add a little of a cream moisturizer, then I use the castor oil either by itself or mixed with another oil to twist my hair. My twists feel so good and the twist outs are amazing! I usually leave my hair in twists a couple of days before doing a twist out. My profile pic was done using this method.


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