Saturday 1 January 2011

Resolution Revolution!

Since it's the start of a new year, people are looking forward to things they hope to achieve this year, or in the future.
It's an exciting time!

I always make goals and set targets almost everyday, because otherwise I wouldn't get anything done.

Sometimes, I still don't get anything done. But you know. I made the effort of writing what I could've done down. Surely that counts for something?

So, this is all the aspirations I posted at the beginning of the academic year as well as some more stuff that I've added. At the very least, I am now accountable to you lovely readers.
The goals with (in progress) next to it are all things I'm working towards - For example, I can't truly say I've quit Theatre Group until the end of the year comes and I haven't been involved in anything they've done.

1. Have an awesome stall at Fresher's Fair!    DONE!

2. Get a high 2:1 (above 65%) or a 1st in my degree (in progress)

3.  Quit Theatre Group! (in progress)

4. Finish my dissertation (in progress)

5.  Get onto a PGCE (in progress)

6. Cut cake making down to once a month    DONE!

7. Get my bento making game up to scratch! (in progress)

8. Be able to have a gentle conversation in Mandarin and/or Japanese (in progress)

9. Help my college team get 3rd or 2nd place in the league (in progress)

10.  Stop getting sucked into the ridiculous drama of a certain friend group(s). (in progress)

11.  Focus on the Belly dancing society properly (in progress - it's going well!)

12.  Stop ignoring my commitments. Or, stop signing up to so many (sssh, pretend we don't see the irony!) (in progress)

13.  Hit Bra Strap length with the hair (in progress)

14.  Learn to use the family camera (because my camera phone is pants)! (in progress)

 15. Run a 5k....? Okay, maybe that's reaching a little bit (meh, still thinking about it)

16. (New!) Stop being a chicken and get someone to teach me how to swim properly 

17. (New!) And skate. Preferably roller, since I don't like the cold.

18. (New!) Do more with the blog - post at least once a week. Maybe do some give aways or something.

19. (New!) If the J.E.T programme doesn't happen, go to France for the summer.

20. (New!) Get creative with my crafting and try and finish at least one project a month

21. (New!) Master the art of flat twisting

I love deciding on things I'm going to do and then working towards it - it gets me all excited and gives me something to work towards. 

What's everyone else bringing in for this year?


  1. Ooooo! I did the Jet Programme, was a wonderful, crazy experience. Good luck with that!

    I like your aims for the 2011, especially loosing the friendship drama, I can relate to that.

    My aims are: be more positive, travel abroad, as it's been ages, music making galore. I'm resisting the PGCE, told my mum today, she wasn't happy. Maybe I'll do it part-time.

  2. OMG! I've been trying to find someone who did the J.E.T programme for ages - I'm hoping/waiting to get confirmation back for an interview - fingers crossed!

    I love those aims - especially the music making ones *shameless stalkery* I really admire people who can make music - it's such a beautiful process.

  3. Get in touch if you have any questions re JET. I went in 2003 returned '06.

  4. Good luck on getting into JET! I hear it's really fantastic :)

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Even if you dont meet all your resolutions this year just make em life accomplishments that way youll always have something to focus on =D

    P.S. The tiger print nail was done using a toothpick and black nail polish! =D x x

  6. I didn't make any new year resolutions but I do have a list of things I want to do on my blog too :). I still don't know how to swim though so you're not alone on that one :) This year's resolution when I think about it is probably the same as last year when I was all hyped about the new year - to get out of my comfort zone! we'll see what happens with that :P

    Nogo xx


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