Saturday 8 January 2011

Cappin' Lazy Twists - and why I'm kind of a blonde

I was planning for this to be a week long protective style, but I got bored of it when I washed my hair.

It's basically fat twists, wrapped in my satin scarf, under a hat.

You see where boredom may have it's chance to undo my most noblest of efforts?

You can also see how much my colour has faded.

I wanted to go to the place I'd had my original colour done, so I phoned the salon today to make sure someone was in, because it's a bank holiday and a 45 minute walk.

Person on the phone: Hello?

Me: Oh thank goodness! You're open!

Person on the phone: No, we're not open.

Me: Huh? Then why - what? Are you joking?

Person on the phone: No. I'm serious *chuckles* We're definitely not open.


I wasn't going to risk walking in the freezing cold for nearly an hour just for them not to be open. So I guess I'm going back to uni with no colour in. I'm thinking a D.I.Y is imminent, and in this case, I'm not bothered about using natural products like Herbatint which wash out in 2 seconds flat.
Purple isn't the most natural hair colour anyway.


  1. Wait, someone ACTUALLY ANSWERED the phone if they were closed? 0_0 WHY?!

  2. Yeah. I know. I was so confused! "Why are you there if you're closed?!"
    I didn't know if she was being sarcastic or not, so I just hung up.
    Then I wept a little >.<

  3. I find that hilarious! It's like knocking and someone answering "no one is home" Lol!


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