Monday 10 January 2011

Small(ish) twists

I put these in a week ago, and they took me just under four hours to do.
Then again, this time also included me trying to do the 'Single Ladies' dance numerous times.
So yes. I think I'll leave these in for a couple of weeks because, you know, I have work to do and don't have time to do my hair and stuff.

Also, I really want to whip my hair a la Willow Smith.

I say this. But watch me take it out in a couple of weeks and then lament I have no time to do anything to my hair.

Plus, I want to try new stuff with my twists and prove to myself that it is a versatile hairstyle, as well as keeping my hands out of my hair.

Yesterday, I wore them in a small fold under bun at the back (completely pulled my hair  through the first time but only half way through the second time).

Say a prayer for my edges, y'all.
I put my (untwisted - I get so bored very easily!) fringe/bangs into three fat twists and then bantu knotted them overnight.
Then I took them out in the morning and pinned them to the side, leaving a little crazy curlage loose at the bottom. They look a lot less ropey in person.

For some reason, I don't like the look all over my head, but bantus and my bangs/fringe really make me happy ^.^
I took the pin out after church.

Ignore the scarf. I was feeling like I was in a Cote d'Azur film or something. The wind very nearly made it so.

I also think this is the last time I'm going to be doing a 'protective style' like this. My hair is just too fine for me to be mucking about in it this often and this harshly. 


  1. Your edges will get better, just try to keep moisturizing, and deep conditioning long have you been natural???

  2. They're pretty fine, so they just keep falling out *chuckles* I stopped using, it'll be 3 years this summer.
    But I only started looking into and after my hair 2 years ago, since I spent a year in kinky twists.


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