Thursday, 13 January 2011

Let them eat French rolls!

I managed to put my twists into a French Roll. 
I used a straight hair tutorial for inspiration - obviously, I didn't fold my hair around like she does at the start, since my hair isn't that long, but I used the same principle of rolling and pinning.
So I grabbed my hair as if to put it in a ponytail, but then folded the ends under the hair, like I was going to bun it.
But I wasn't - not in the mood for buns, you see. I wanted a roll.
So I rolled the bottom part of my hair, since the top part sprang out of my hand, and then pinned it in place.
I continued rolling whilst moving my way up my hair - so I went from my nape to my crown, where I ran out of hair. I used 3 bobby pins in total.
If you'd prefer to use a video tutorial where the woman has texture hair, there's a pretty good one here (skip to 2:00 for the start of the tutorial).

And then I pulled my (loose) bangs/fringe back into a pompadour/hump/backwards quiff.

I was obviously moving faster the speed of light...well, except for my forehead. 

I then realised that one of my Christmas presents....would allow me to be Queen.


Wave to the front...

Wave to the left...

I was feeling very deluxe - with a Marie Antoinette kind of splendour. So she inspired the title.*

Where was I going, that I got all dressed up like that?

Nowhere. I was procrastinating on an essay.

I even managed to get my Queenie wave sorted.

*Yes, I know that Marie Antoinette didn't actually coin the phrase, since it was in use since before she was born. But she's the person who it's most attributed to. 


  1. I swear I'm procrastinating now...meant to be making notes for my finals. shame on me. Can't believe u dared to wear that like a it LOL

    Love the comment on BLEURGH about jammin' to the musical soundtrack on the website. No shame in a good game...i did that every morning too until downloaded the FELA greatest hits lol

  2. @C - thank you! :D
    @**OnYxStA** - Oh man, finals :/ Not looking forward to them at all!
    If I can't
    Since I dress like a granny every day, I reckoned it was time to let my inner diva have a go - I drew the line at sliding down the hallway doing the Queenie wave.
    If I can't get tickets for the show, I guess I'll get my dad the soundtrack :)

  3. Lol nice. Long live the queen!


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