Monday 11 July 2011

Update - and a hair cut

- I was cutting out split ends from my hair and then got frustrated and ended up cutting between 1 - 2 inches from my hair.

- I remembered to take a picture after the massacre impromptu hair cut.

- If you hear someone screaming horrificially in the distance, that means my mum has asked me what I'm doing with my hair for my graduation again.

- I can cross quite a few things off my resolution list now! But I'm far too lazy to do it right now.

- I put my hair in twists for two days. Took them down for my graduation ball and then put them back in the next day.

- I kept those twists in for two weeks. Since I was doing a placement, the twists were just on my head in what little high bun I could muster. My lazy initiative has spread to my hair care practises.

- I thought I would be avant garde and experiment with sulphates and cones this summer. After my carefully applied hibiscus colour was taken out by a colour care shampoo and I ended up with a haystack, this plan has been scrapped indefinitely. I was literally saved by applying liberal amounts of (The Littlest Sis') R&B moisturiser - me gusta!

- I had to reject a place on the J.E.T programme. I went into a spiral of despair for half an hour, and then lunchtime was over and the year 3 class I was with helped me get over it.

- My nails are terribly split from moving heavy boxes of my stuff about. This makes me sad.

- Any plans for rollering and/or running have to be scrapped since my left knee has been bugging me for about a week now. So I'm going to be swimming a lot. Which means I should probably get lessons first.

Which means I need an actual job.

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