Tuesday 26 July 2011

Grad Hair

For my hair during my graduation, I decided on plaits/braids like I did last time. I wanted this because I wanted something that I could literally jump out of bed with - no styling, no undoing, no faffery, nothing that I could mess up since my ceremony was early in the morning and I wouldn't have the time.
I did them two days before my ceremony, which was a mistake because they didn't age enough for me to like them on the day. They took me a day to to and the only product I used was my Bee Mine Curly Butter rip off.

To be honest, I didn't really need to worry about the hat fitting on my head since they had a range of hat sizes available.

Because I especially disliked the way my hair was hanging on the right side, I flat rolled it under, but I don't know where the picture of that is and I'm far too lazy to do it again.

My mum wore a gorgeous baby pink gele that drew a lot of attention. She was considering wearing Western clothing, since she'd worn a gele to a wedding the week before and felt a bit self-conscious. However, since I was little she has promised me that when I finally graduate, she'd wear a massive gele that would block the view of spectators behind her to make sure everyone knew that she was my mother.

She looked amazing. People kept coming up to me and asking "Is that your mum in the pink headscarf?" and I would relpy "YEP!"
There was no shame in my mama's game.

I wore Nigerian lace under my gown to match her, despite the fact that the design made me look heavily pregnant in the photos.

The day was pretty fun, even the part where our car broke down on the way home.

My family didn't appreciate this.

Nor did they appreciate getting bitten by the fire ants hidden in the grass.

Like ninjas.

Fire ant ninjas.

I'm planning to leave the braids in until the 1st of August, when I've completed Loo's 3in6 challenge [bwhaha, totally didn't keep up to date with the fortnightly update thing] because they are extremely convenient.

And I am extremely lazy.


  1. Congratulations on graduating! Your hair looks really nice along with your Mums gele :D

  2. Congratulations! And you mom's gele looks amazing!

  3. I know it's late, but thank you to you both :) My mum thought she looked pretty awesome as well!

  4. fire ant ninjas is the most terrifying thing i've ever read. I hate those things already and having them SNEAK UP on my is....*shivers*


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