Wednesday 2 February 2011

Challenges Galore!

Everyone seems to be posting a challenge nowadays!

Well, okay, not everyone, but there are three challenges currently going on that I'm acutely aware of that other people may be interested in:

Nikole of Moptop Maven was having a healthy hair challenge based on different product usage: Homemade/D.I.Y, traditional store bought products and Ayurvedic herbs - unfortunately, she is ill in the hospital at the moment according to her blog comments and has been for a month, so obviously the challenge is suspended, as we pray for her recovery. Get well soon, Nikole!

Loo of Healthy Hair and Body is having a 3in6 twist challenge that I'm also a part of (Challenge Junkie!). The aim is to retain 3 inches in 6 months
Check ins are every two weeks and it lasts for - well, 6 months.
The challenge is more in depth than simply treating your hair from the outside - as well as keeping your hair in twists, there are conditions including and healthy eating.
I don't know if battered fish, chips and beans is healthy eating.
Probably not.
But that was yesterday! Back on the wagon! *shifty look*
She has an entire Twist series on maintaining and caring for the hair whilst in twists if you want to have a look at it too!

And now Curly Nikki is having a Grow Out Challenge in association with Kim Coles and Jessicurl, who are sponsoring monthly give aways to people who are taking part in the challenge. However, it is not twist based, and Curly Nikki has also posted up tips for creating your individual regime for the Grow Out Challenge.
It's going to last for 6 months
I'm not a part of it, because the rules are pretty similar to Loo's challenge and I'm too lazy to keep up with more than one - plus being held more accountable will not shame me into doing right :)

So I guess fortnightly updates are on the cards may be on the cards - and I'll link to other people, so you can see how they're doing too!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I'm participating in Nikole's challenge. I knew she had been sick and wondered what was going on. Sending "feel better" wishes her way and in the meantime I'm continuing with the challenge by my lonesome.

    I just saw the 3 in 6 twist challenge yesterday. I'm pretty sure the battered fish doesn't count and I've had two meals of that in one week alone, but perhaps I could munch on an apple or something. :-)

    I am planning to get kinky twists or some sort of extension twists in the very near future and my goal is to maintain moisture throughout the time period so I don't lose hair after they're taken out. I just need a slight break from twists/twist outs for a bit.

    Best wishes to you and your challenges!

  2. It was my pleasure - I love your blog! :) And yeah, I'm doing both Nikole's and Loo's challenges (one is about how to do my hair and the other is what to do to my hair, so I think that's fair) but yeah, I'm still trying to look after the stuff on my head too! :)
    How do you reckon you'll do that and prevent build up at the same time? I'd love to take notes!

    And the same to you! :D Hope we both achieve our goals!


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