Tuesday 22 February 2011

Hair Smoosh/Faux Shaved Sides and Twists

My massive flat twist had a good week long run, but I had to take it down over the weekend when it started to get a bit frizzily.

Fear  my frizzy powers! OOoooo-aahahhaaa!

Then there was an event that literally had me pull my entire hairstyle out because I was so darn stressed.
Note to self: Drunk flat mates are a pain in the butt and head.

For some reason, I'm a bit obsessed with looking like one side of my head is shaved without actually shaving it.
Due to the poof of my hair, this is usually only possible when I'm in twists, because I usually two strand twist the twists on one side and then flip the middle over to the other side where the hair is still hanging.

To be honest, I think it looked better when I had shorter hair and some of the mid-twists stuck up, giving more attitude to the style.

 After I'd de-tangled my dry hair with Vatika Oil and co-washed with Tresemm√© Naturals Nourishing and then applied some masque as a moisturiser (The prohibition is hitting me hard). I twisted one side of my hair whilst it was damp, aiming so that it purposefully fell to one side.
This time, to make the faux-shaved bit look more convincing, I attempted to do flat twists, just three on the side of my head.
I watched the happygirlhair tutorial as I did attempted my first one because I don't know how to flat twist.

*gasp* An African girl who doesn't know how to do hair?

I know. What an unfortunate stereotype deflection.

I was quite pleased with the first flat twist, which you can see as the big fat one just under the hair clip.

Not so much with the next one. And the third one was just plain hilarious. It's like. Hair smoosh

But overall, I like the style.
However, the size of my flat twists was miscalculated - here's a comparison between it and one of my ordinary two strand twists.

Wow. [Insert witty size comment here].

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