Friday 25 February 2011

Buy Pass

I never thought *not* spending money would be difficult, but here I am, having trouble with my buying ban.
I saw some Cassia in the health food store that I've been going to for the past two years.

Sod's Law says I would notice it when I'm not allowed to buy anything any more.

The Faerie and I were in Home Bargains (yes, Home Bargains of the cheap variety. I love it for various, naan-bread related reasons).

Me: Is that Original Source Almond and Coconut Conditioner? I - I haven't been able to find it anywhere!
The Faerie: I thought you were on a buying ban
Me: But - but it's only a pound! IT'S ONLY ONE POUND!!
The Faerie: Yes, but you're not supposed to be buying hair products.

I can't hear her, since I'm tenderly rubbing my face up against the bottle and near drooling by this point.

Me: *dreamily* Apparently, it's full of deliciously scrummy proteins.
The Faerie: *steely-eyed*....If you don't step away from that bottle, I will kick you.

She does Tae Kwon Do and Mixed Martial Arts.

And I am a pacifist, so the odds are weighed heavily in her favour.

Sometimes, having your friends support you seriously stinks.

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