Wednesday 13 July 2011

My Sister's (Hair) Keeper

So my family were off to celebrate my uncle's birthday and the Littlest Sis demanded asked if I could assist her with her hair.

I actually LOVE playing in her hair because 1. She lets me and 2. She almost never ever complains.

Plus, unlike when I do my own hair, I can see what I'm doing. It's pure bliss.

I decided that a flat twist out would be the order of the day for my far more glamourous little sister.

I divided her hair into two sections - the top and the bottom.

I tied away with the top and then did four big vertical flat twists on the bottom and when I'd completed them, did the same on the top section. Then I rolled the ends on my funky instant-fun-in-a-packet neon rollers.

Yeah, she's reading the Lush Times....darn product junkie that she is!

Product wise, I think I used some (heavily) diluted Tresemmé Naturals conditioner as de-tangler and leave in and combined it with our newest purchase of Lush's R&B moisturiser and sealant - we went past one a couple of days before, got hooked in by the smell and then couldn't resist purchasing something.

I say 'our' purchase, but being glamourous also seems to mean that the Littlest Sis is permanently broke, so....

Anyhoo. I left it for about an hour and a half (we were in a rush) and then when the hectic atmosphere got too much, I had to pull out the hair dryer to try and persuade the roots that dry was the way to go. I kept it really far away from her head (about 6 inches) and on a low heat, since she has half relaxed and half natural hair and I'm mortally afraid of heat (I don't know if she's transitioning or not. Heck, I don't think she knows!).

We tried to do some pin curls on the front, but we hated them. So we combed them out.

I melted a small bit of coconut oil in my hand and then gently clapped it onto the twists before unravelling them.

Genuinely, the pictures don't do it justice.  I was in envy at the shape because it somehow wound up looking really cute and bob like and I was blown over.
I'll pretend it's my handiwork but she's just really fortunate! It's especially galling considering I hadn't had time to do my hair and ended up with a scarf and a ponytail. 
Her hair was actually amazing.

..until my mum went at it with a brush to 'comb it out'. BAM! Instant puff ball. I have no photographic evidence because I was too distraught at the destruction of my masterpiece and the Littlest Sis was fuming and refused to pose for most photos.

So just take my word for it.


  1. Hilarious! That part about your mom "combing it out" sounds just like something my mom would do.

    The end.

  2. There were indeed tears - mainly mine!


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