Wednesday 10 November 2010

Those are some Twisted Buns...

After a comment from JC, I thought that ponytails on my twists would be a nice idea to make my twists a little more interesting - after all, I love wearing them when I'm loose.

Unfortunately, due to haphazard self-trimming, all my twists are different lengths, and they stuck out in a manner that was reminiscent of a squished spider.
So instead, I kind of rough bunned them. And when I say 'rough bunned' them, I mean 'squidged the edges around and in under my hair band and then pinned them there.'

I thought that they were a little plain and would like nice with a headband. However, I don't own any, so I used a scarf instead.

I love the big gaudy bow look. I had some bigger, gaudier bows, but I forgot to take pictures.

Note to self - get some headbands! Also, stop wearing the same scarf in all the pictures!

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