Tuesday 23 November 2010

Bantu-out Bangs and Buns

I got a bit bored with my usual side fringe (or bangs). So I decided to bantu knot them up!
I did them yesterday night, to allow them time to dry. I slicked on a little bit of moisturiser and oil and then twisted the roots of the bantu knots before twisting - if I don't do this, the volume of the roots contrasts oddly with the thinness of the knot out. But I don't twist all the way down, since I didn't want too slim curls.

I have to admit, usually, I don't like the way bantu knot outs look on me. I think I look like Dot from 'A Bug's Life'. Cute as she is, she is not my style icon (any more).

Here are the bantu knots when they're in...so tiny!

And then after I took them out this morning.

And after pulling/puffing/fluffing...

I did the usual thing and pinned them down, but I really like the way it looked with my colour, even after it got a bit messy at the end of the day.

And because the set made it look massive and curly, I found I used less tension when pining my fringe down and let it do it's thing a lot more.

I'm wearing the bun I've been wearing for the last couple of days...which you guys haven't really had a look at. Which is maybe why I should blog regularly and not lose my USB cord T_T
I got excited because I think I worked out how to do a bun.

It was really similar to this method, though I wasn't at all bothered about my edges. I like the bun too for it's simplicity, but I think doing the same thing every morning may be straining my hair a little. If I take it out of the band, I end up with a lovely dent in my hair.

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