Friday 5 November 2010

Babyliss Bust...

So over this last week, I've spent quite a lot of money on toiletries (read: stuff for my hair). One of the things I bought were Babyliss brand hair-pins from Boots because, as per usual, I'd lost all of mine and reckoned I could, you know, try out the Southern Tease Bun on twists.
That'd be awesome, right?

Except I managed to pick up the flimsiest hair-pins in the entire history of hair styling ¬_¬

Look at it.

This hair-pins suck thiiiiiiiis much!

My hair isn't even that heavy! But the hair-pins just split apart like soft butter *downcast*.

I doubt these would work on my hair even if it wasn't in twists.

Oh well. The bobby-pins are currently faring a lot better (£2.50 from Boots).

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