Wednesday 3 November 2010

Faerie Hair

I haven't talked about my hair much, since I haven't done much to it.

I took the twists out that my Aunt did. The tangling was major. It took me an entire day, as in from 7am in the morning until 5pm in the evening, to sort it out. I was so annoyed because, despite what the media says, as a student, I do actually have work that I could have been doing instead. Blast my vanity!

You: Oh, I didn't know you put locks in!
Me: I didn't.

I washed with the Hibiscus Hair Gloss (I'm working on it, so there's no link) and conditioned and stuffs. Then my friend, whom I dub 'The Faerie' helped me twist half of my head. Bless her, it took her 3 hours to do all of my head, because she was twisting them so tight (as in, shrinkage was non-existent for a week, despite the amount of water I put in/on it). She'd never done twists before and was looking forward to the chance to mucking about with my hair.
After three hours, I think she was done with my hair entirely and forever.

So it was up to me to finish it up.

I think I was pretending to be an emo.
Yeah. Pretending...

According to my camera, I've had them in since the 22nd/23rd of October, which is only two weeks.
I've been incredibly imaginative since then, and wearing them in...

Ponytails! Eyyy!

And now shrinkage has set in, and I look like a 90's boy band member with my hair down, so I'm stuck with them for the time being.


  1. I just rediscovered twists. I let a friend do one and I hassled her so much about handling that she ended doing quite a puffy root. I loved it and decided to repeat all over. I love fuzz so I am looking forward to washing and messsing these up.

    I like your ponytail. I am doing pigtails!

  2. Friends who will be hassled are great friends indeed! Are you going to post pictures?

    Pigtails sounds like a brilliant idea too! Pippi Longstocking is an inspiration for all :)


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