Friday 18 October 2013

On Repeat: Temi Dollface

I wouldn't call myself a dancer, but I love moving. Those who know me  personally are accustomed to seeing me sway, bop or jiggle to music in my head on the street. So when I hear a tune that makes me want to move and shake even more unabashedly than usual, I just have to share it.

 Temi Dollface's 'Pata Pata' (means 'total' or 'absolute') has a beautifully bright video, with 1950s fashion intersecting with more traditional African styles. And the music? Eurgh, I love it! - a deliciously thick and modern bass, that somehow still manages to remind me of the Afrobeat records my dad played when I was a little girl. Her voice and lyrics are an awesome mix of spunky wit, effortless sophistication and honey.

Basically, this song is a whole heap of fun and I'm obsessed.

Oh, and go here for her silk-smooth re-doing of Teenage Dirtbag.
Thanks to Chai for sharing first!


  1. Great find. I literally just found out about antenna the other day. I do like the mix of African with something else, it is very innovative.

    1. Antenna by Fuse ODG? My laptop's speakers have gone kaput, so I can't reacquaint myself, haha. I love the emerging music scene, of musicians whose influences come from their parents and other experiences. Its so exciting!

  2. lovely video


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