Friday 11 October 2013

Big and little Goals

I've made it a habit of mine to post my yearly goals when autumn comes along - it feels a lot more natural than January 1st, in the midst of frost and cold and the dismantling of Christmas decorations. Eeesh *shivers*.

So I'm thinking that instead of approaching it like a wishlist, as in 'I hope somehow next year I'll have somehow managed to do this' I'll post my annual goal and then follow it up with what I'm doing this month to follow it up. See if it's realistic or not by taking little steps first. I've been massively inspired by Shelli's fitness achievements - her dedication is amazing and inspiring and, even better, totally achievable. 10 minutes a day? Let's do this!


Big Goal: Get to Bra Strap Length/Have 15 inches of hair all round by October 2014
Little goal(s) for October: Moisturise my twists regularly with rose water.
Continue caring for hair as necessary (washing and conditioning etc).
Keep up with my fitness goals.



Big Goal: Be able to do a handstand
Little goals for October: Continue focusing on general core and upper body fitness (I want to join a yoga class later on and am trying to give myself a little head start!).

Big Goal: Be able to keep up with the Wonder Thing. I'm feeling sluggish and lethargic, which isn't great going into the colder seasons. I want to look after myself so I have more energy and don't need afternoon naps any more!
Little goals for October: Exercise three times a week, to get re-used to it . Includes joining a dance class or sports team!
Drink 2 litres of water daily.
Start adding more vegetables and fruits back into my daily life - 5-a-day.


Big Goal: Save £1500
Little goals for October: Start working again, even if it means joining new agencies.
Reclaim money from agencies and banks that is owed to me.
If I am working at least times three a week, create a realistic budget.

Big Goal: Have a welcoming home.
Little goals for October: Get some sofas.
Devise a laundry system of some sort.
Clear out recycling packaging from the back.

Big Goal: To feel more put together as a person
Little goal for October:: Take an hour off from my to do list and chores every week to have some pampering time.

Big Goal: To be able to do my own face in simple, flattering make up
Little goal for October: Buy some make up and experiment


  1. Lots and lots of goals! You can do it, one step at a time. :-) BTW, when I saw the running image, I immediately thought of this image I saw on Pinterest yesterday:

  2. Wow! Her results from 10 minutes everyday are super impressive!

    And I think your goals are totally do able. Good luck!


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