Monday 11 March 2013

Washed, not Cut

Wash day/quater of an hour on Thursday was very simple.
1) I pre-treated my hair with coconut oil overnight ( I feel like calling it a pre-poo is a lie, since I don't always shampoo after and it's purpose is more about protecting my hair from protein degradation in the water).
2) The next day, I wet my hair in the shower and then massaged some Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with (warm) water through my hair and scalp. Then rinsed.
3) Added some Garnier Ultra Doux Avocado and Shea Butter Conditioner and left on for 5 minutes, while I finished showering. Rinsed out.
4) Applied Aloe Vera Juice and Felix Capillus.

That's it.

My mini twists are getting to that age where they're really worn in and I love them and like to wear it down most of the time. I forgot that a few of my friends hadn't seen it when it was down, so after I washed it and let it shrink a up to my chin I got a lot of questions about whether I had cut my hair or not.

Course not! My ends are far too happy and I am far too focused to start lopping it off now!

The reactions I get when I wear my hair down can, in my humble opinion, border on the hilarious. The other day when I walked into class, one of the children exclaimed "Woahhhh! Quel coiffure!"

This was his exact reaction
Translations: UK - "Cor, what a hairstyle!"
US - "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang."

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