Monday 4 March 2013

Not really a wash day & March Targets

More like two instances in the past week where I've spent more than 5 minutes in the shower.

Firstly, decided to lay off the shampoo for a week, because of my overzealous rinsing and repeating last wek, so this week, I just massaged some apple cider vinegar into my scalp reeeeally gently, as though I were trying to lull it to sleep. Rinsed and conditioned for five minutes, then rinsed the conditioner out. Applied Aloe Vera Juice on top of that, and then some shea butter, since I had the time to make some more up, last week.

That's it really, and it doesn't feel like a real post, so I thought I'd add some goals I'm trying to keep up for the month of March. I've noticed a lot of baby splits, which is probably a combination of the manipulation for the Curlformer set, then the constant manipulation putting mini twists in, combined with lack of any strengthening treatment since before Christmas or something like that. Plus the hair scissors I brought with me (£5 from Superdrug, because I lost my pair from -Sally's) are nul, so I'm not over eager to use them. Looks like I'll need a trim when I go back to England in May though! Until then, I'm minimising the damage as much as I can with buns and other protective styles.

 March goals
Exercise 3 times a week
Remember to bun to keep my ends preotected
Oil ends of hair twice a week with..argan oil?
Moisturise daily.

I already do all the other stuff, like eating well and drinking loads of water, so need to worry about that, and I spray my hair morning and night with a mixture of rosewater and aloe vera juice...It's mainly the exercise that I'm concerned about!

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