Wednesday 6 March 2013

Mixology: Delicate Rose Aloe Moisturiser

So, before this month, this is the moisturiser I was using. I found it was a light, non sticky formulation, that could easily be used on both my hair and face for a quick blast of moisture. When I used it on my face, I followed up with some coconut oil, because it's winter, and also to break up the aloe vera gel 'cast' as well.

I found it was great for my fine hair that isn't a huge fan of butters and the like, though sometimes I needed to follow up with a sealant. I only ever made small amounts at a time, because I didn't use any preservatives- what is in that bottle sometimes lasted me a week, no longer.

It has a light scent from the Rosewater, and was just a relaxing and delightful way to start off my day! It's based off the Giovanni Direct Conditioner, but it's even lighter than that (hence, the need for a sealant), so I loved using it when I was a few days away from my wash day, but don't want to use anything heavier to cause build up or attract dust >.<

I didn't use measurements - I just did it by instinct, but it was always something like:

50% Rosewater
30-40% Aloe Vera Gel
10-20% Oil.

For my oil, I of course used my Felix Capillus, but if you try it and change anything, let me know how it goes!

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